Faith and Reason

Exploring the Mystical Connection between Math, Mind, and Nature

"Philosopher Kenneth Samples has identified a set of truths that cannot be verified algorithmically or scientifically: logical truths, metaphysical truths, and objective moral truths. Some truths must simply be accepted to be able to do science at all." - Reasons to Believe

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From the Archives – Reason, Faith and the Struggle for Western Civilization: A Review

Some time ago, I came across Samuel Gregg’s book while perusing items at, and the title caught my eye. In my personal efforts to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10:5), I’ve frequently felt that I don’t yet have an adequate understanding of the relationship between faith and reason, and by extension, the relationship between the sciences and Scripture.

The book didn’t take me where I hoped to go on that topic. It did, however, provide an interesting and enjoyable survey of the history of Western thought, and one of the better interpretations of the role of reason and Christianity in Western thought.

Samuel Gregg is the director of research at the Acton Institute and has degrees in philosophy from the University of Melbourne (MA) and Oxford (PhD). Though he has written a pile of books, mostly on economics, his focus in this volume is more history-focused than I expected. Though the hardcover edition has 256 pages, I also felt that it ended at just about the point where there should have been several more chapters on various views of the relationship between faith and reason and analysis of supporting arguments—as well as more consideration of potential strategies for preserving what remains of Western Civilization.

Chapters six and seven do address these topics, and they aren’t a bad start, but I was hoping for a deeper and more comprehensive exploration.

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Does Christianity Require a “Leap of Faith?”

"Becoming and remaining a Christian requires a 'step of faith' rather than a leap of faith. And that step of faith is not unique to Christianity. Throughout life we do many things that require a step of faith." - Roger Olson

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Miracles Don’t Violate the Laws of Nature

"Although some earlier writers had viewed miracles as beyond laws of nature, Hume treated them as 'violations' of laws of nature. Once he adopted this definition, he insisted that miracles are miracles only if they violate natural law. Then he argued that natural law cannot be violated, so therefore miracles do not happen." - C.Today

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A Challenge to Evangelical Climate Scientist Katharine Hayhoe

"Dr. Hayhoe’s bifurcation of belief (faith) and scientific knowledge (as derived from observation) is a common misunderstanding. ...She writes as if thinking that 2 + 2 = 4, or that human activity is driving dangerous climate change, is not belief, but thinking that Jesus rose from the dead, or 'that God’s love has been poured in our hearts,' is." - Cornwall Alliance

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Clarence Thomas on the harmony of faith and reason

"Christ’s famous admonition to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God what belongs to God (Mark 12:17) is widely regarded as radicalizing the Jewish conviction that the power of earthy rulers is limited by God’s divine law, a conviction that would become a crucial feature of the Western understanding of government power." - Acton

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What happens when reason and faith are separated: An interview with Samuel Gregg

"In a new interview on his book, Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization, Samuel Gregg lays out how crucial the integration of reason and faith is to the West and what specific consequences result when reason and faith are separated from each other." - Acton

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