Evangelical Identity

Many Muslims Now Self-Identify as 'Evangelical' due to GOP Ties, Researcher Says

"Ryan Burge, who teaches political science at Eastern Illinois University and is the author of the book The Nones, says in an Oct. 26 New York Times column that evangelicalism’s ties to the Republican Party has drawn “more people to embrace the evangelical label” – including groups that typically would not be expected to accept it." - C.Headlines

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Evangelical Christianity: A Guide for the Perplexed

"Evangelical Christianity is not a 'bounded set' category but a 'centered set' category. Evangelical Christianity has absolutely nothing to do with politics. Some evangelical Christians are monarchists (especially outside the United States) while others are republicans; some evangelical Christians (even in the United States) are politically and socially liberal and others are socially and politically conservative." - Roger Olson

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