Who is abandoning the ‘evangelical’ label? A deep dive into factors like age, race, and political partisanship

“the term evangelical has become especially unattractive to folks who either retired or are getting very close to it…. among those born in the late 1980s, the share who self-identify as evangelical has actually risen very slightly since 2008. ” - Ryan Burge


The charts are a little complex, but an interesting read.

"The Midrash Detective"

....for me is now how the percentage of evangelicals has dropped since 2008, but rather how a lot fewer young people identify as such than old people. The 1930s data-the Korean war era--was the peak, which makes sense because in the 1950s, one often went to church because "the godless Commies could not". You can see it in magazines of the day. Then it's not so good in the Vietnam era (1940s births), which also makes sense.

And the drop? It could be "false fruit", or it could be people who genuinely believe, but are turned off by over-politicization of the churches. Probably a bit of both.

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