SBC presidential candidate, entity leader at odds over anti-abortion advocacy

"Tom Ascol... called the ERLC a 'rogue entity' and called on the ERLC trustees to take action. 'I urge ... to immediately remove @LeatherwoodTN as acting President of the @ERLC,'" Leatherwood had signed a letter from National Right to Life rejecting criminal penalties for women who get abortions. - BPNews

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First Muslim international religious freedom ambassador receives promise of prayer from SBC leader

Brent Leatherwood, acting president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC), said, “We are praying for his success and we are eager to work with him. Religious freedom is under assault around the globe and his position is vital to confronting those who would undermine this fundamental right.” - BPnews

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ERLC urges Biden to include faith input on Artificial Intelligence

"In a letter ... the ERLC’s acting president, told Biden including leaders of faith communities on federal advisory bodies would help guarantee that religious liberty and freedom of expression are priorities in such issues as artificial intelligence" - BPNews

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