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SBC presidential candidate, entity leader at odds over anti-abortion advocacy

"Tom Ascol... called the ERLC a 'rogue entity' and called on the ERLC trustees to take action. 'I urge ... to immediately remove @LeatherwoodTN as acting President of the @ERLC,'" Leatherwood had signed a letter from National Right to Life rejecting criminal penalties for women who get abortions. - BPNews

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John MacArthur to Headline Conservative Baptist Network Event Ahead of SBC 2022 Annual Meeting

"While not himself a Southern Baptist, MacArthur nevertheless has a considerable measure of theological and ideological alignment with the CBN, and a number of Twitter users responded positively to the announcement." - C.Leaders

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SBC’s ‘Racial Reconciliation Sunday’ Condemned by Conservative Baptist Network, Other Leaders

“Division is caused exclusively by sin, and Jesus Christ crucified and raised to life offers the only solution to sin. We do not need any worldly ideologies or frameworks to recognize sin as the problem and Christ as the solution.” - C.Leaders

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Voddie Baucham Joins Mike Huckabee, Charles Stanley, and Others on Steering Council of Conservative Baptist Network

"the CBN announced Monday, Jan. 10. Baucham, the author of “Fault Lines: The Social Justice Movement and Evangelicalism’s Looming Catastrophe,” is an outspoken opponent of critical race theory (CRT)." - C.Leaders

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SBC’s Conservative Baptist Network Calls Out Seminary Prof for Promoting Gay Son’s Sermon

"The Conservative Baptist Network (CBN) released a statement Wednesday night (Nov. 23) blasting Dr. James Merritt’s endorsement of his son’s recent sermon. Jonathan Merritt identifies as a homosexual." - C.Leaders

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Former Executive Committee chair Stone to be nominated for SBC president

"Stone, a member of the steering council of the recently formed Conservative Baptist Network.... is the second announced nominee for SBC president, joining Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President R. Albert Mohler Jr." - BPNews

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A Second Conservative Resurgence in the SBC?

"Nearly two decades later, a new group of SBC pastors and laymen are calling for a second conservative resurgence. What’s this all about? Well . . . here is the short story. What are the critical issues you need to know? Since the Conservative Baptist Network, this new group, has identified Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Social Justice, let’s start there." - Jeff Straub

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