Common Grace

On Plundering the Egyptians: Remembering Common Grace

"unbelievers can, by virtue of common grace, come to philosophical conclusions that are helpful and true and can be utilized by the Christian. ... Though in recent days, when it comes to Aristotle (and Aquinas’s use of Aristotle), there are some who are quick to sound an alarm" - Ref21

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Antithesis without Common Grace Makes a Devil out of Our Neighbours

"I want to define antithesis and common grace in their historical context to show that these concepts, when held together, help us to maintain a Scriptural balance. They help us remember that the devil is our enemy (not humanity) " - Wyatt Graham

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The Blessing of Rest

" don't have to have a Jewish grandmother to gain an appreciation for God's gift of the Sabbath. All you need is a willingness to consider the possibility that maybe, just maybe, God has written down what we need for genuine human flourishing and built it into the actual fabric of the created order." - Breakpoint

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Martin Lloyd-Jones on the Holy Spirit and Common Grace

"Common grace is 'the term applied to those general blessing which God imparts to all men and women indiscriminately as He pleases, not only to His own people, but to all men and women, according to His own will' (24). God sends rain on the just and the unjust. For example, common grace is when sin is restrained in society for the good of all (even unbelievers)." - Servants of Grace

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