Church Shootings

FBC Sutherland Springs massacre survivors awarded $230 million

"U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez of the Western District of Texas awarded the damages Monday (Feb. 7) to survivors and heirs of survivors of the Nov. 5, 2017, church shooting, months after determining that the U.S. government was 60 percent liable for the massacre." - BPNews

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Man Who Stopped Church Shooter Not Charged by Grand Jury

"The man who took down the shooter who killed two people at a church in Texas last year will not be charged with murder. A Tarrant County grand jury has decided not to indict Jack Wilson for fatally shooting Keith Kinnunen, a decision praised by county prosecutor Tim Rodgers." - C.Leaders

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Texas church shooting is latest of many attacks at US houses of worship in recent years

"A spokeswoman for MedStar Mobile Healthcare, an ambulance service, told The Associated Press that two people had been shot and killed, one of them the gunman; a third person, in critical condition, suffered cardiac arrest but was revived." - Fox

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FBI offers faith-based institutions resources to prevent attacks

"With the uptick of terror attacks against religious-based organizations, the FBI held an informational meeting between law enforcement and religious leaders from across the country Tuesday, hoping to expand its programs to include places of worship." - W. Examiner

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