Cancel Culture

Pew: How Americans feel about ‘cancel culture’ and offensive speech in 6 charts

"The internet has amplified these debates and fostered new questions about tone and tenor in recent years. Here’s a look at how adults in the United States see these and related issues, based on Pew Research Center surveys." - Pew

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California bars state-funded travel to 5 more states over LGBT laws; 17 now banned

"California added Florida, Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia to its list of states banned from state-funded, state-sponsored travel due to a wave recently passed legislation that California Democrats deems “discriminatory” toward LGBT individuals." - C.Post

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Televangelist Jim Bakker blames his 1989 imprisonment for fraud on ‘cancel culture’

"Televangelist Jim Bakker isn’t happy with cancel culture and believes his imprisonment for fraud in 1989 aided by 'a group of preachers' but mostly the media at the height of his ministry's success was an early example of cancel culture." - C.Post

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Why Aren’t the Other Slavers Getting Cancelled?

"...there is no left-wing hatred of the Arab world, which enslaved far more Blacks than the North and South Americas combined. ...When you ask a leftist about this seeming double standard, you will be told that the Muslim world has been victimized by Euro-American colonialism. According to the rules of woke intersectionality, victims may not be criticized." - Veith

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Survey: A plurality (46%) of Americans believe that cancel culture “has gone too far.”

"While online shaming may seem like a major preoccupation for the public if you spend a lot of time on Twitter, only 40% of voters say they have participated in cancel culture and only one in 10 say they participate 'often.'" - Politico

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