Cancel Culture

NAE Survey: 48% of Evangelical leaders report being canceled for views or ‘guilt by association’

"NAE's July/August Evangelical Leaders Survey revealed that 48% of Evangelical leaders said they have been 'canceled' by others 'as a way of expressing their disapproval for the leader or the leader’s point of view.'" - C.Post

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Our Nation Cannot Censor Its Way Back to Cultural Health

"At the same time that the evidence of far-left intolerance is overwhelming, a few of us have been on a very lonely corner of conservatism, jumping up and down and yelling about the new right, 'Censorship is coming! Censorship is coming!' And we were correct." - David French

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Pew: How Americans feel about ‘cancel culture’ and offensive speech in 6 charts

"The internet has amplified these debates and fostered new questions about tone and tenor in recent years. Here’s a look at how adults in the United States see these and related issues, based on Pew Research Center surveys." - Pew

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California bars state-funded travel to 5 more states over LGBT laws; 17 now banned

"California added Florida, Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota and West Virginia to its list of states banned from state-funded, state-sponsored travel due to a wave recently passed legislation that California Democrats deems “discriminatory” toward LGBT individuals." - C.Post

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