Calvary Chapel

Chuck Smith's successor interviewed by Christianity Today

The Case for Big Change at Calvary Chapel

"God brings into existence ministries that are relevant to the culture"

"Theologically, we are definitely non-cessationist. We believe in the ongoing ministry and gifts of the Holy Spirit."

"God is bringing the mission field to us. "

"[The greatest threat to pastors today] is power"

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Chuck Smith, Jr. Distances himself from Dad's views, Calvary Chapel

Chuck Smith Jr. in his own words in the comments of TallSkinnyKiwi:
“Calvary Chapel, as I perceive it is:
Fundamentalist—I am not
Dispensationalist—I am not
Anti-intellectualist (like the warning about not anything written by emergent leaders)—I am not
Primitivist—I am not”

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