You can own a piece of AZ!


I love the state in which I live. I'm not surprised that the majority of my earthly ministry has been in AZ. You have to understand the sub-culture of we "Zonies." I've been to all 50 states and I really believe AZ is the best state in the Union. We have more cultural, geographical and geological diversity than any other place on the planet (IMHO). Last week my family and I enjoyed a cool week up in Flagstaff. The temp I don't think made it higher than 74. This week we're back in the Valley were the temp in some places has reached 117.....isn't that cool!? The only thing we are missing here, is an ocean. Of course once the "Big One" hits California.....we may end up with Yuma Beach! I especially love our Independent streak. That is we are mavericks. Back when the NFL threatened the state about the future of a Super Bowl here, they tried to put pressure on the AZ population concerning the MLK day. What happened? Well a vote that could have easily gone in favor towards MLK....went the other way over night. In other words AZ told the NFL....Keep your stinking opinion out of our state's politics! Eventually the state legislature approved the MLK day.....which is neither here nor there. Well....the latest fun deal is now you can own some government owned buildings.....perhaps even part of the capitol itself. The "copper-gang" down in Phoenix (our state's capitol) have determined that the best way to deal with our deficit is to sell the buildings and then lease them to ourselves, then when the state has better days, to buy the property back. I want to encourage any of you that might have an extra 800 million around, to consider our state buildings. Really cool copper top! You would have the best roof in town!

Straight Ahead!


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