Would You Recommend/use Crown Financial Ministries?

I am interested in finding out from people who have used Crown Financial Ministries (www.crown.org is their Website.)

They offer Church education materials, personal coaching and a fairly unique budgeting system.

If you are familiar w/them or have 1st hand experience w/them I would like to know...

1. How sound are they theologically
2. How helpful is their Financial education/advice (are they 2nd rate or as good/better than secular professionals)
3. How practical is their budgeting system.

All this to say, Would you teach their material in your church and would you recommend their services to your congregation.

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I've heard of them, but never actually attended or worked through their materials. A nearby church was having a workshop from Crown, and the Pastor advertised it for the rest of us in the congregation but I don't know how many attended and haven't heard anything about the presentation. My mother in law has spoken highly of them and has sent me a book of theirs that I haven't read yet.

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My Dad likes their stuff, although I have never personally used any of their stuff besides their budget creation tool.

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I thought it was very good. It was a number of years ago, so I don't know if any of it has changed or not, but it is very Biblically based. We use a modified version of their budget. The study does emphasize tithing, so if you don't feel that's a command for the NT church, you will probably disagree with some of how that's presented. Personally, while I don't feel it's a command for us today, I do tithe, and give above and beyond, which we feel is the Biblical principle that is taught in the New Testament.