Walking by faith


As I reflect on what God is bringing to my mind these days, it really comes down to two important realities in the life of the believer. First, we need to prayerfully consider what our "mission" is. Now much of that is clear from the text. God reveals much of his "will" in the form of commands, imperatives and patterns revealed in the Scriptures. However, "our mission" over time becomes clearer as we develop areas of strengths, as others begin to observe giftedness and the body of Christ begins to respond to our work. Over time the Holy Spirit will begin to give us increasing clarity on the kind of things we ought to be doing for sake of the Gospel and the body of Christ. Once that happens, the fun really begins. Second, once the Lord begins to show us how we are to invest our time and energy in life and ministry, almost always, it will require a step of faith. For me this has often been really hard. I think this is to burn the dross of self-sufficiency out of my life. I think that indeed there also is a kind of power or maturity or seriousness or something...that the Holy Spirit grants when we are willing to step out in faith that we just don't have access to otherwise. 2 Corinthians 5:7 is pointed. Here Paul reminds not just the Corinthians but all believers to "walk by faith....not sight."

Well, for me....the "take away" is that God wants me to use my legs, but all the while, trusting in His eyes!

Straight Ahead!


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