To the Praise of His Glory by Dr. Larry Oats

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One aspect that gets a full treatment is the Pillsbury Debacle. I've read a comment in another forum which termed it a temper tantrum and a bad church split.

If I understand Dr. Oats narrative correctly, it wasn't based on a temper tantrum. Dr. C and the administration had campused two students. The pair complained to their parents. The 'rents took up the matter with the Board of Trustees. The Board backed the parents and Clearwaters backed the board. So, Dr. Cedarholm faced the choice of either resigning or letting the two off campusing. He resigned. Then, Dr Oats stated that Dr. Cedarholm did not believe in Board run churches ala the Presbyterian model.

So actually, it wasn't like a church split. It more like Steve Jobs departure from Apple and going on to found NEXT. Then again, as a San Franciscan, I'm used to seeing spilt-ups and start-ups.

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Yeah, the Pillsbury Debacle was unfortunate, but the attempt by a local church pastor to thwart the enforcement of school rules via personal influence with the board is wrong. Having experienced similar things as a Christian school teacher myself, I can appreciate Dr. C's willingness to stand on his principles rather than go along with what he believed (and I agree, fwiw) to be unethical.