Sunday School Curriculum

What Sunday School curriculum does your church use? Do you like it? Why, or why not?

My husband and I have recently been appointed by our pastor as the Children's Ministry Coordinators of our small Baptist Church. The church has used Regular Baptist Press in the past, but hasn't used much of anything for a while. We would appreciate any input regarding the selection of curriculum - should we stay with RBP? Is there anything better?


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We use RBP for our SS Curriculum. They have recently just re-done much of the curriculum and the illustrations are much more updated and our teachers are very happy with the improvements.

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Thanks for the input, cinven. I did notice that RBP had gone through some recent updates in their curriculum, and realized that we won't be able to use the older teachers books (that we already have) because of those changes. The new student books don't match up with the older teachers books. Does anybody know if it is still possible to order copies of the older curriculum?

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I have taught from RBP for the last 7 years and the material now is lightyears ahead of anything they offered in the past. Up until recently I was considering Lifeway Publishers over RBP but the change was enough to make us stick w/the RBP program. If at all possible, Invest the extra money and buy the new teacher's books. You won't regret it.

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With the updated teacher materials, and having all the resources (additional worksheets and activities, music etc.) on CD, it is very handy!

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My pastor's wife wrote The Praise Factory curriculum for ages K - 4th. We use it during the Sunday morning service and not Sunday School, but I think it could be used for Sunday School. It has many different components and is very flexible. It's available free here. Sixty weeks are ready for download now and more should be available before too long.

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To add to what everyone else says, I have also used Anchor from BJ press. It has been good too. They all have their strengths and weaknesses that is for sure.

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For all the input! We have decided to go with the updated RBP curriculum for now. The Praise Factory curriculum intrigues me - I may try it for our Wednesday evenings through the rest of the summer.