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I've been involved in a small group at my church for quite some time. When i joined the church 10 years ago, I went to a Friday night group. After 7 years, that leader decided to no longer lead a group, so i joined a Sunday night group. This worked out better for me in terms of my job, since I no longer had to worry about overtime work making me late. That disbanded after two years, and I didn't attend a group at all last year. A new season of small groups is starting up again, and I really want to attend one on a Sunday night, so I volunteered to lead a Sunday night small group.

I've been the director of the Awana ministry at my church for the past four years, but it seems to me that there will be a distinct difference between organizing and running a children's ministry and leading an adult small group. Does anyone have any advice on being an effective small group leader?

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Just thought I would mention a couple other things about my small group. We're going to meet every other week so I don't over burden myself with my 45 hour a week (or more) job and my Awana responsibilities. And we're going to be using a book by Tony Evans about spiritual warfare.