On singing in the home

In this day of radio, MTV, and ever more readily available recorded music, singing at home, or anywhere else, has been lost. With a constant barrage of recorded music in houses, cars, shopping malls, beaches, picnic areas--there are few places one can escape it--there is little sonic space for singing. But before the electronic revolution, singing at home was normal.

--Calvin R. Stapert, A New Song for an Old World: Musical Thought in the Early Church, 2007: 74, bold added

Twelve years later from the publishing of this book and with the incredible increase of the use of I-phones, etc., how much more must this be true in many of our lives.

To the extent that we may not be singing regularly in our homes, those of us who live in Christian families would do well to address this detrimental reality in our own homes by making singing at home much more a regular part of our lives.

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