Satan's al-Qaeda in the Church

With the news of Osama Bid Liden being slain, memories of two books and a sermon series by a certain pastor on the subject of Spiritual Terrorism came to mind. This author is correct and the spiritual terrorists have bombed many in the evangelical movement, and do not mind bombing themselves and many into hell. Many christians do not recognize satan's al-Qaeda and since many do not read their Bibles they are easily persuaded by the lies and bombs of the terrorists in the church.

Stopping the terrorists and killing their lies and deceptions is one of my top priorities. My website has some of them exposed. Many of their followers have contacted me, called me names, and have done all that they can to stop my preaching out against them. I could imagine myself being in danger of being fired and ostracized if I were employed in their camps, or in their communities. So Christian what are you doing to stop these terrorists? Are you engaged in this war? I know one female that posts here is all for me in the terrorist war and has joined arms with me. But are you? Christian learn to use your weapon, and lets go on an assault to stop the terrorists and save the many innocent that will be bombed into hell!

For encouragement on this subject check out the following books.

The Truth War
The Jesus You Cant Ignore


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