Recommended reading for a soldier

I'm looking for recommended books on the history of Islam, Iragi history, even a biblical historical perspective on Iraq/Afghanistan. I have a 40+ year-old man in my church heading overseas soon, and he has asked for recommendations.

If you can't recommend a book, can anyone recommend a place for good recommendations? Biggrin

Thanks to all involved.

Jeff Schmitz

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In all reality, he's looking for a history of the area, he could easily go to the local library or bookstore. A pretty good place to start would be Peter Mansfield's "A History of the Middle East" published by Penguin. Another interesting book is Ralph Peters' "Wars of Blood and Faith" by Stackpole Books. It's not without its faults, but it brings up some very interesting points. More importantly, I would personally recommend that anyone interested in learning about Islam read the Koran.

1 point of clarification ... what exactly do you mean by a "biblical historical perspective on Iraq/Afghanistan"? Are you searching for religious/biblical history in those countries or are you wanting a historical text written by a Christian? #1 - Plenty of texts exist that expound upon Middle East historical events that are related in the Bible. #2 - That one will be more difficult.

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Thank you, Mary. I think those will help. I've asked him to clarify that statement too. As far as I can tell, his primary concern is that he's going overseas and knows almost nothing of the area. He will have opportunity to be among the people more than some, and so he wants to be able to interact with people and be able to share the gospel with them. So I'm sure his desire for some history is tied to that.

I have already passed these along, and if I hear back on his clarification, I will bring it back here. Thanks for the help.

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I would also recommend "A History of the Arab Peoples" by Albert Hourani. For a somewhat different perspective, he might also like "The Crusades Through Arab Eyes" by Amin Maalouf.

If he is looking for apologetic material, he might try listening to the Dividing Line with James White from Alpha and Omega Ministries. Dr. White has done a great deal of work with Islam, and has debated many Muslims.

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