R. B. Thieme: Possibly Close To Going Home

Lt. Col. R. B. Thieme, 91, a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, and retired Pastor of Berachah Church of Houston, Texas, who had some aspects of his ministry methods and teachings challenged by a number of fundamentalist and specifically by former Bob Jones Professor, Stewart Custer, Ph.D. regarding "the blood of Christ", is reported by a close source to possibly be entering his last days as the Angelic host may be preparing to welcome him at his promotion into eternity. Thieme retired from public ministry in 2003 and has battled Alzheimer's disease since.

Though his ministry was characterized by proprietary nomenclature and investigated doctrinal aspects that were minimally mined such as"The Angelic Conflict", to which he credited Reformed Presbyterian Donald Grey Barnhouse for its modern doctrinal introduction, Thieme was considered doctrinally orthodox. Interestingly, John MacArthur shared the ignominy some fundamentalists attempted to heap upon Thieme at their outrage regarding the issue of "the blood of Christ".

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I guess I thought he was basically an heretic! When I was a little kid there was a problem with people following him and causing problems in my dad's church. I've never investigated him since then. I figured he wasn't even orthodox. ?? Interesting to see it here.

(I haven't read much about him as an adult, for sure.) Is he considered orthodox/a good Bible teacher, etc?

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A Th.D. dissertation which I have read, written by Joe Layton Wall at Dallas and which is forwarded by Walvoord, is probably the most well-known critique of Thieme which concludes, though with objections to some teachings as with all Theologians, Thieme is within the circle of orthodox teachers. And it certainly is quite different than the amusingly conspiratorially "UFO/Bush-Rockefeller-Skull and Bones-Trilaterals and KJVOnlyism and all other Bible's The Devil's Version" website you posted, albeit among the heap of bizzare ranting one thankfully can find the gospel types in varying places.


Yes, Thieme was considered orthodox though eccentric or idiocyncratic/proprietary regarding some of his methods and nomenclature. As to people disrupting another ministry, I have never understood R.B. Thieme to teach any such thing to be acceptable and in fact, from what I know of his teaching he tells those who cannot abide properly in a ministry to move on from it without disruption.

I must say that for a number of years we had a fantastic Pastor, though geography separated us, who was familiar with many schools of theology and theologians, both historically and currently. He was succinct in being able to demonstrate the strengths and benefits of each theology and theologian while acknowledging their inevitable weaknesses. Fortunately Thieme was among the many theologians with whom our Pastor was familiar and aptly pointed out his areas of excellence while being able to point to areas of less proficiency and/or weakness, against as with all Theologians.

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Bob Theime was very popular in the 60s and 70s. He spoke at Biola at about 1964 and was well received. He was a teacher who made fun of many preachers for their shouting and pounding but having little to say. He was popular because many people were looking for deep teaching and not getting it in their churches. There were many home gatherings of people who would listen to Theime tapes. He eventually was ostracized by his Alma mater, Dallas Seminary as well as other schools. He was orthodox but had some teachings and emphasis that were not Biblical and /or exaggerations in emphasis. He was more right on the Gospel than John MacArthur and John Piper are today.

His teaching on the "Blood of Christ was correct and Biblical. The wild eyed Fundamentalists at BJU and elsewhere made fools of themselves seeking to criticize something they themselves were the ones wrong on. However, Theime was very caustic in his criticism of others and would often exaggerate for emphasis. This was not helpful. I have several Theime booklets including the one on the Blood of Christ. I also have a set of large notebooks of typed and categorized doctrines that were made by a group of Theime followers and are his teachings categorized


I did not like Bob Theime and was never a follower. However, I had some friends who were.