The Question of Alcohol & Church Membership

It is quite impossible to make a clear case for saying that drinking wine is always sin!

Author is Craig Muri pastor here


Attached a helpful study guide

Re the "abstain" clause, he concludes:

  • The line in question is the only absolute statement in our covenant. 
  • The line in question is both recent and provincial. 
  • The line in question is inconsistent with our historic Baptist Distinctives. 
  • The line in question divides rather than unites.
  • The line in question is a result of social concerns not exegetical conclusions. 
  • The line in question may be more dangerous than the action it prohibits. 
  • The line in question would be more appropriate as a household guideline. 


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Why I am posting this:

  • I had some brief fellowship with Pastor Muri in my office last week
  • Today I visited the church's website (because my wife asked how many kids they have) ... and
  • Found this document
  • Which happens to closely match my own view