Preaching Bible in 52 Weeks

our church leadership team is praying about 2010 - we really want want to go big and preach/teach/study/read as a congregation through the Bible in a year - we've really encouraged people to read in a year before, but we want to preach - and get all of our Sunday schools/small groups/Bible studies all on the same page through the year.

What we're working on is creating 10-12 mini-series of 4 messages - more or less topics that match the scripture - i.e. in July we'll teach on Prayer from Chronicles, etc - we want people to be able to pick up the Bible at any point in the year and not feel like they're too far behind to pick up on things. We've done a bit of work on this - making progress! We're using the ESV study plan, and producing sets of three bookmarks to give our probably quarterly with OT, NT and Psalms reading on them.

1) Have any of you pulled this off successfully?

2) How do you do interaction? - we're thinking about "Bible in a year blog" but want to do it well. - Any thoughts?



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I can't remember if you have a BJU connection. Dr. Royce Short, dean of Bible (or something like that) strongly recommends doing that. When he was a pastor, he pulled off a Bible in a Year program complete with a notebook for the church members. I'm sure that he would love to talk about it with you (he rarely talks of anything else!).

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Please consider doing your study in chronological order, it would really give your people an appreciation for the complete story as the events unfolded.


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Eric Lovik wrote:
Please consider doing your study in chronological order, it would really give your people an appreciation for the complete story as the events unfolded.


That is a great thought. I think too many people have this idea that the Bible is in chronological order.

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We did this sort of thing with great success in 2000. We called it "Leap 2000."

We had people sign up. If they completed the reading, we gave them a medallion with Leap 2000 engraved on the back of it.

For kids, we had an adjusted schedule of Bible highlights; we called it Leap Jr.

I preached from within the confines of that week's reading. We also accepted "listening" when people preferred to use the Bible on CD or combine reading and listening.

We had experienced some real bummer events in the middle 1990s, and God used this to head in a positive direction.

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A few times over the years we have encouraged the congregation to read through the Bible in a year and made the weekly teaching/preaching coincide with it. I would just choose the sermon text each week from that week's reading. So when people came in on Sunday morning they knew I was going to teach on some part of what they had read that week. It was actually kind of fun as people began to try to guess which passage I would pick and see who would get the closest. I know that a number of people said that they found themselves reading a little more intently as they wondered what I might say about a particular passage and formulated questions they might have. But of course one reason they had for this is that I take questions every Sunday evening, Lord willing, on that morning's teaching. Each Sunday evening, before I begin the teaching time for that evening, I ask, "Does anyone have a question about this morning's teaching, or does anyone wish to share something that God has put on their heart as a result of this morning's teaching?" Sometimes we end up with such a good discussion that I never get to what I planned for the evening! But it has always been worthwhile, and I find that when I am preaching on what they have also been reading, they tend to have better questions and incites.