Out of control, overprotective parents?

This 15 year old seems to think her parents have gone to far:


If you're on facebook, you can let her parents know they're not wacko through this group:


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Being grounded for five weeks is mild, IMO, for drinking at a party. But her reaction shows that there are a lot of issues in her heart that need to be dealt with.

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5 weeks is rather mild when you consider most states the police have a say in under-aged drinking. It also is humorous, in an unbelievable way, that her parents still let her have her computer. My parents would have taken everything away.

It seems most things in life can be related to Bill Cosby, one way or the other. Smile This incident reminds me when Vanessa (I believe it was her) got caught drinking. If only convincing kids of their problems was as easy as playing a drinking game with juice.