Orson Scott Card: "How 'friend' became a verb"

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In my 1985 sci-fi novel 'Ender's Game,' a couple kids used something like the Internet to pass for experts and influence public opinion. It didn't take long for reality to catch up.

As much as we may be concerned about the impact of the internet on our culture, I think most of us would agree-
I don't want to go back to pre-Google research, pre-Amazon shopping, pre-blog newsmedia, or the loneliness of villages limited by geography.

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Growing up, Card was my favorite author. I think his novel Ender's Game resonated with a whole generation of awkward, gifted children. I've been consistently impressed with his ability to empathize, to see the world through the eyes of an alien people group. I've always thought a person like that would have perceptive things to say about culture. This piece wasn't breathtaking, but it made me smile.

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