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Hi and forgive me if I posted this in the wrong place.  I'm eager to get some input on what Bible study tools are out there online and what users have thought of them.  For example, I've used and like  I came across just this weekend and was impressed.  What else is out there?  I tend to do my study at home and at work, so having everything online would be quite useful.


I look forward to the input




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Every Bible translation known to man (well, almost!) can be found at

You can find a treasure-trove of commentaries and other resources at The site is a catalog of older, out of print works. Gill, Calvin and Henry are all there, for example. Church fathers are all there, also. This site is unapologetically Calvinist, and the resources they have available reflect this. If you are a dispensationalist, just be aware of this when you read. I use this site quite often.

That's about it for online stuff I use. Hope it is helpful.

Tyler is a pastor in Olympia, WA and works in State government.

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Includes a lexical parser, interlinear bible and several other original language tools. I have found it to be very valuable.

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thanks to each of you for the input.  all are good resources and i hope to put them all to good use.



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definitely using those.  also, noticed your blog and added you to my feedly, for better or worse<grin>.

josh p's picture is good. The free revelation commentary is excellent.

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you folks are awesome.  some i already have and some i now have, thanks to you!