Is Obama a Political Suicide Bomber?

With the President going full steam ahead to get Obama-care pushed on the American people in spite of the outrage against it; I am beginning to wonder why he continues to do this? Does he really think that we are a bunch of poor dumb schmucks that don't know what's best for us and he's willing to ruin his own political career and ruin his own party for the well being of our health? Seriously, is there any politician who is willing to force something through for the good of the people even though it would be political suicide? I really doubt it. Politicians are like assassins. The one thing they are most concerned about is their own survival.

It seems that Obama is willing to spend all his political capital that he started with in the first year until everyone hates him and he risks getting himself voted out in 2012. Why would he stay on such a course? Here are the recent Rasmussen report polling numbers at this website:

What would drive a president to keep this up? The only thing that could explain it is that he really believes in what he's doing. Now, does he really believe that a government take over of the entire healthcare industry is going to make the quality of healthcare better and that the country will be more economically prosperous as a result? To think so would be either very naive or just plain stupid since it hasn't worked anywhere successfully. It would absolutely ruin the American economy forever and we would never recover. Maybe this is what Obama wants. Maybe his agenda is to destroy America. Why would any self respecting American President want to do that and be forever labeled in history that way? I want to suggest a motive for you which slipped out of his mouth very naturally in this interview before he was elected:

Perhaps President Obama is a political terrorist, a political suicide bomber who is willing to sacrifice himself and his political career to level this country in a way that the 9/11 attacks could never have done. He fits the profile. Born (that's debatable) and raised in America; he has been brain washed by those who hate this country (Jeremiah Wright and other left wing radicals), and has an unusual affinity for Islam. He has covertly entered the highest office and is using it against the country.

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