"My Daddy's Name is Donor"

It seems as if there are some unanticipated consequences of artificial insemination involving donated sperm.

http://familyscholars.org/my-daddys-name-is-donor-2/ My Daddy’s Name is Donor: A New Study of Young Adults Conceived through Sperm Donation
A Report Released Internationally by the Commission on Parenthood's Future
Elizabeth Marquardt, Norval D. Glenn, and Karen Clark, Co-Investigators

From the http://www.familyscholars.org/assets/Donor_summ_findings.pdf]Executive Summary -
This study is the first effort to learn about the identity, kinship, wellbeing,
and social justice experiences of young adults who were conceived
through sperm donation. The survey research firm Abt SRBI of New York
City fielded our survey through a web-based panel that includes more than
a million households across the United States. Through this method we
assembled a representative sample of 485 adults between the ages of 18
and 45 years old who said their mother used a sperm donor to conceive
them. We also assembled comparison groups of 562 young adults who
were adopted as infants and 563 young adults who were raised by their
biological parents.

We learned that, on average, young adults conceived through sperm
donation are hurting more, are more confused, and feel more isolated from
their families. They fare worse than their peers raised by biological parents
on important outcomes such as depression, delinquency and substance
abuse. Nearly two-thirds agree, “My sperm donor is half of who I am.”
Nearly half are disturbed that money was involved in their conception.
More than half say that when they see someone who resembles them they
wonder if they are related. Almost as many say they have feared being
attracted to or having sexual relations with someone to whom they are
unknowingly related. Approximately two-thirds affirm the right of donor
offspring to know the truth about their origins. And about half of donor
offspring have concerns about or serious objections to donor conception
itself, even when parents tell their children the truth.

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