Missionaries in Japan

Can anyone provide some names of Missionaries or works in Japan that our church could pray for?

Thank you.


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Our church supports Matt & Sachiyo Starin in Okinawa prefecture (way southern Japan). There, the wave was only about 1-meter high, but they saw a surprising amount of devastation, probably because of the size of the island. They are fine, but are scrambling to see how they can be of help. They haven't posted anything new on their blog, but that's not too surprising as I'm sure there are more important things to be concerned with. There is another family I know of, the John Himes family. Their son Paul attends our church while he is in seminary. They are up in the northern area, but pretty far inland. They got shaken up, but no tsunami damage.

I'm sure there are others that were affected more strongly. Maybe we can hear about them here to know who to pray for.

Dave Barnhart

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Our church supports Dave and Glenda Carter. They are in Tokoyo but are doing ok. I have that second hand and I am waiting confirmation. I have heard from good sources that they are well. Dave's son Steve also is a missionary working with his parents.

Roger Carlson, Pastor
Berean Baptist Church