The meaning of "Lord" in John 20:28

I wanted to know what others thought about how "Lord" is used in John 20:28.  Specifically, I would like to know what Thomas meant when he addressed our risen Lord Jesus as "'My Lord and my God'"? Did he mean "Lord" as in "Master" or is it used in another way of stating the Lord Jesus' deity?

I have learned that in the Greek LXX translation, God's personal name (YHWH) was translated "Lord" since that is how they would refer to His personal name when reading the Hebrew Scriptures aloud (for fear of blasphemy).

I have also learned that "kurious," which is translated Lord in this passage, can refer to different titles depending on the context of a passage such as sir, master, Master, owner, lord, Lord (God), Lord (as in Master referring to our Lord Jesus) and even idols.

I have read several online commentaries on John and I have two single volume commentaries and my Dad's IVP commentary on John, but most only want to address our Lord Jesus being called God, which is highly significant, but I would like to know about "Lord" too.








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