The Lost World of Genesis One by John Walton

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Has anyone read this book and if so, can you help me with why or why not you think this book is biblically sound or carries any (truth) weight? There's a bit of history, but I'll just say right now that I'm in the midst of trying to defend the YEC position with someone (possibly) seaching to prove the theistic evolution theory using this book. This person has been using this book as a supplement to their personal study time. Without having read this book--it's hard to debate either way, so I thought I'd at least start by asking if any SI people have read this book and have any opinions either way. Thanks!

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The Lost World is really, really hot right now in OT studies, not a field that generally sees much excitement. Some conservatives are concerned about the methodology used. Frankly, it would take a heavy grounding in Ancient Near Eastern culture, historical philosophy, and a handful of other subjects to know how to use that book.

Bob Hayton, another SI poster, has blogged about it, and his blog post has lots of links:

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For taking the time and your information, links, and 'heads-up'. That helps me, considerably, to know some of the academic breadth of what I'm dealing with in my discussions. I appreciate it! Kim