I need Pastor's help

Hello, and greetings

I am Pastor Jerry Beaver, and I need your help, I am working on a book, and if you would take a few minutes to take a confidential survey this would be very helpful! This information will be used to formulate some ideals and perspectives for the book I am working on called "If You Only Knew Me" Subtitled, "Seeing your pastor from a different perspective". This book is going to be an advocate for the pastor who stands in the pulpit and ministers to the church with all of his heart. The book will share with the person in the pew the qualifications and true duties of the pastors, as well as some burdens, false expectations placed upon him. I am looking to poll at least one thousand pastors to draw a consensus of the the average pastor's life and ministry. My goal is for the parishioner to come out with more understanding, respect, and to have more grace for the man they call pastor.

All answers are completely confidential, and this survey is anonymous, and we do not collect any private information to identify you and your answers

Thank you in advance, and it would be so helpful if you sent this email to other pastors that you know.

Jerry W. Beaver

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