"Hold out" for healthcare

I’ve seen/heard about this a couple of times lately-

Foxnews.com- Just when every tactic in the book had been seemingly exhausted in the health care debate, Rock the Vote comes along with a new one: if you want health care reform, don’t sleep with anyone who opposes health care reform until his or her mind is changed.

The youth advocacy group is pushing the campaign in a Web video and pledge on its Web site, which asks supporters to “hold out” for health care.

I started reading the comments, and this one cracked me up.



I thought the liberals were against abstinence. Especially among young people. I am sooooo confused.

It gets better- from Rockthevote.com

In 2009 we will focus on three core programs:

  • 2009 Elections: Young voters turned out in record numbers in 2008, and we are just getting started.  We continue to register and mobilize young voters in critical elections in key states and cities in 2009.
  • Issue Advocacy: We are working to educate, engage, and mobilize young people to affect change and enact policy priorities in the White House, Congress, state legislatures, and city councils.  Elected leaders will come to understand that our votes were just the beginning; young people also demand results and are willing to push for them in new and creative ways.  We rocked the vote in 2008; now it is time to rock their vote.  
  • High School Civics: For the past 30 years, civics education has been systematically cut from public schools.  We are working with educators, artists, elected officials, and students to offer an engaging curriculum that demystifies the political process and empowers young people even before they can vote.

You can go to the home page to watch the PSA- I won’t link directly to the video, as it is OBSCENE.

Oh yeah- I like totally want these people to like, help devise a, you know, cool and sexy civics curriculum for, like, the public schools. Awesome.

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