Get your teenage daughter to wear what YOU want

Quote: expert tips on avoiding a back-to-school-shopping disaster! by Noelle Watters | FNC iMag

...For many moms, back to school shopping with a teenager can quickly turn into a nightmare. What you find stylish and appropriate, your daughter finds out-of-fashion and babyish. And what she wants to wear to second period seems like something a 25-year-old would wear to a club. Is it possible to come to a compromise, or is locking your teen in the house you only option? We asked Toni Kolb-Papetti, the Coordinator of Clinical, Triage and Education Programs at North Shore Child & Family Guidance Center on Long Island, New York.

Good to know that there are folks in mainstream society that realize our appearance sends a message, and that kids need to think about what it really means when they bare their bodies or covet expensive brand name clothing.

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