Expositors Conference 2010 Fremont, CA

Dear Members of SI,
It is my joy and privilege to announce a special conference that our church will be hosting next year that we have called "Preaching for a Change". Our goal is to help equip pastors and teachers to preach expositionally so that the people to whom they preach will be changed into the image of Christ by the Word of God. Our guest speaker will be Dr. Steve Lawson of Mobile AL and special music will be provided by Thomas Pryde (Sermons in Song).

The website has just been launched and you can check it out here: www.preachingforachange.com
This may be the first "Emerging Middle" type of event that our friend, Bob Bixby has been talking about. It's my prayer that we will focus on what's really important - faithfully preaching the gospel. If you're anywhere out here on the west coast, I hope you'll take a couple of days to join us and be greatly benefited.

God bless,

Pastor William Dudding
Mission Peak Baptist Church
Fremont, CA

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It looks great. I'll be praying for this to be a great conference. Unless Airline rates fall drastically, I probably will be unable to attend, though.

Mike Durning