Essential Strategies for Classroom Management

Folks might think that there are few discipline problems in Sunday School classrooms (after all, those are 'our' kids), and that discipline strategies are only needed in churches that have bus ministries and such. But in my experience, church kids can be just as rambunctious as 'bus' kids, and a good classroom management policy is a boatload of prevention. Here's a quick little outline that came in my email this morning-

Children's Ministry Newsletter-
You love God and children. You feel called to teach and be enthusiastic about the year ahead. But now you find yourself faced with disruptive children. You don't want to give up; you're just frustrated beyond belief.

This probably sounds familiar. Most children's ministry teachers or volunteers have the passion and the right attitude, but relatively few are equipped for when the "little angels" behave less than angelically.

Unfortunately, that leaves many formerly upbeat teachers ready to throw in the towel.

How can you prevent discipline problems from diminishing your effectiveness and joy? Here's a bounty of practical pointers from my 40 years in children's ministry.

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