Eric Ludy - Is he solid?

Greetings everyone,

I am trying to do some research so that I can try to better minister to a couple families.

To give a quick background, there are 2 partial families that attend our church.  They both grew up in the Gothard ATI movement and carry that baggage.  They both don't talk about growing up with this movement but they do both talk a lot about Eric Ludy.

I was listening to a few sermons with my friend and there was enough truth there to be convinced that he is solid, but there were some things he said that were a little off.  I am reminded of when Spurgeon said that discernment is knowing the difference between right and less right.

I have been doing research and was led to this site and I wanted to make sure I have my information correct.  He seems to teach some solid doctrines, but the way he hashes it out seems to teach that a person that they can earn God's favor/love/blessing instead of being moved to joyful obedience because of God loving them first.  I am also not sure if Mr. Ludy is affiliated with ATI.  It seems to be a pattern that many in the ATI are listening to Mr. Ludy and I was visiting with one of our elders and he noticed the same pattern and we weren't sure if this was a person being used to bring people out of ATI or keeping them in.

With all that being said, how can I minister to each of them?  I notice that one person is spending a lot of time going to Colorado to some discipleship training and isn't seeking discipleship with the local church.  Their father didn't want them to stay at our church but told them that he wouldn't make them leave when he and his wife left.

My friend has recently moved but we keep a fairly close contact.  I am trying to figure out how I can bring these things up and ask if they are learning joyful obedience or being obedient to earn joy.

Thank you.

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