Eclipse Jesus Jukes (Because we need to laugh)

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The glory of the sun is so intense that we need a go-between to be able to look safely upon it. Sound familiar?

The sun can only be properly seen through the proper lens. Just like the Son can only be seen through the lens of scripture.

Seems appropriate that darkness is falling over the United States today.

Don’t be so focused on space today that you forget to be focused on grace today.

Let the eclipse today be a reminder that the dark times in your life are only temporary.

Would it not be glorious that as everyone looks up tomorrow at the sun, the Son would appear with a glory that is brighter than the son?

America is flocking to the eclipse because men love darkness rather than light.

If people worked as hard to make room in their schedule for church as they have this eclipse, we would be in much better shape.

Let today be a reminder that nothing can come between you and the Son.

Fitting that America is excited about watching the sun disappear. We need prayer back in schools.

Let today be a reminder that God controls the details of everything to bring about moments of beauty.

America is worried about the glare of the sun when it needs to be worried about the glare from the Son.

Sad that people are worshipping much more on no-sun-day than they did yesterday on Sunday.

(And one is real.)