eBible Fellowship Ministries: End of the World May 21, 2011

At http://www.ebiblefellowship.com/ eBible Fellowship one can discover part of the growing but loosely organized groups of Christians that have joined the End of the Word campaign on May 21, 2011, which originated with Harold Camping.

As well, an http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110103/ap_on_re/us_rel_apocalypse_soon]AP article covering the extensive involvement of a female Army vet, Marie Exley. A portion of the article states:

RALEIGH, N.C. – If there had been time, Marie Exley would have liked to start a family. Instead, the 32-year-old Army veteran has less than six months left, which she'll spend spreading a stark warning: Judgment Day is almost here...

Exley is part of a movement of Christians loosely organized by radio broadcasts and websites, independent of churches and convinced by their reading of the Bible that the end of the world will begin May 21, 2011.

In August, Exley left her home in Colorado Springs, Colo., to work with Oakland, Calif.-based Family Radio Worldwide, the independent Christian ministry whose leader, Harold Camping, has calculated the May 21 date based on his reading of the Bible.

She is organizing traveling columns of RVs carrying the message from city to city, a logistics challenge that her military experience has helped solve. The vehicles are scheduled to be in five North Carolina cities between now and the second week of January, but Exley will shortly be gone: overseas, where she hopes to eventually make it back to Iraq.

"I don't really have plans to come back," she said. "Time is short."

What comes to my mind is not the theologically cultic phenomenon that characterizes both the leaders and followers of such groups though its discussion is certainly in my thoughts as I consider the entire matter, rather it is the impacting disillusionment or subsequent intensification of denial that will result from this erring end time campaign for the individuals involved. Believers commonly finds themselves at extreme ends of in their reaction to the failures of a ministry into which they bought which made bold predictions of the end of the world or any other proprietary aberrant claim.

Either they become disillusioned to the point of rejecting all Christian considerations or they become entrenched in their arrogance and inadequacy, refusing to acknowledge both their own error in accepting and promoting such interpretations and the errors of its leaders and seek to justify its maintenance even after its failure with an array of rationalistic arguments. And in both cases such individuals remove themselves from consistent sound doctrine, often permanently. For those who stay and attempt to justify their context they are left with partial pieces and odd fixtures of right doctrine in some places, modest misunderstandings in some places and gross error in others. The result is an attempt to execute the Christian life in a manner that is spiritually painful and untenable.

For those that peel off and react with hostility toward all things Christian due to their own decision they commonly find themselves projecting onto all subsequent Christian ministries the poor judgments and failing theological integrity of the leadership and the motives of the leadership they believe they understand, effectively cutting themselves off from the very thing that will help them recover, sound doctrine.

Some do survive to acknowledge the doctrinal errors of ministries they followed and their own poor indiscriminate judgment and find ministries with sound teaching whereby they mature into seasoned believers. But the statistics are not in favor of those who go through such processes.

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