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Just an FYI post inspired by http://sharperiron.org/article/let-go-and-let-god-interview-with-author-... thread . If you are interested in the world of publishing, you might enjoy the podcasts available at the http://bookexpocast.com/ BookExpo website . There are several panel discussions about e-readers and the impact of digital technology on all aspects of publishing.


Who’s Reading E-Books? New Results from BISG’s Survey of Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading

The Book Industry Study Group’s (BISG) pioneering research survey Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading has been providing trend line data from hundreds of e-book consumers since November 2009. The survey, conducted 3 times over the course of 9 months, asks questions of print book consumers about their current interest in and preference for various kinds of digital content, and the factors that influence their e-book reading habits and purchasing decisions.

During this session, BISG highlights new findings from the survey’s 3rd fielding, describing the ways in which book readers have altered their e-book consumption over the past 6 months in relation to how and where they acquire e-books, which genres they prefer, whether Digital Rights Management matters, and many other specific issues related to attitudes and preferences. This session will benefit those tasked with refining digital strategies, as well as those simply curious about how e-book readers are buying and reading digital content.

Angela Bole, Deputy Executive Director for Book Industry Study Group and Kelly Gallagher, VP – Publisher Services, RR Bowker, were the presenters.

I love this stuff.

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