Dr. John Dreisbach with the Lord

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We were privileged to attend the same church as the Dreisbachs for many years. The godly character as well as the merry heart of each of them made a great impact.

About ten years ago I heard Dr. Dreisbach read the following poem at a missions conference. He took every opportunity to go back.

If you had been to heathen lands
Where weary souls stretch out their hands
To plead, yet no one understands,
Would you go back? Would you?

If you had seen the women bear
Their heavy loads, with none to share
Had heard them weep, with none to care,
Would you go back? Would you?

If you had seen them in despair
Beat their breasts and pull their hair
While demon powers filled the air,
Would you go back? Would you?

If you had seen the glorious sight
When heathen people seeking right
Had turned from darkness to the light,
Would you go back? Would you?

If you had walked through Afric’s sand
Your hand within the Saviour’s hand
And knew He’d called you to that land,
Would you go back? Would you?

Yet still they wait, that weary throng
They’ve waited, some, so very long.
When shall despair be turned to song?
I'm going back. Wouldn't you?

-- Author unknown

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