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I have been away from the forums for a while and now that I have returned things look a little different and I was unable to find the “search” function, so if this question has been asked and answered already please forgive me. Here’s my question…

I am looking for a good one to one discipleship curriculum to use with high school to college age students. I would like a series that would take a fair investment in time to complete. perhaps 30 to 50 weeks. Something that would allow for me to spend a fair amount of time with some, a real investment in their life. I would like a curriculum that gives the student several days of study to do on their own and that also offers some one-to-one questions/answer type things to review together. I am envisioning something that covers the essential doctrines of the faith as well as developing good habits of bible reading, prayer, service, etc.

I was wondering if anyone on this board had used anything they were particularly impressed with? I was seriously considering the “Design for Discipleship” series by Navpress but it just seemed a little lacking on the devotional side.

I saw this series from Lifeway…

The Call to Follow Christ: 6 Disciplines for New & Growing Believers

Growing Disciples Series: Abide in Christ

Growing Disciples Series: Fellowship with Believers

Growing Disciples Series: Live in the Word

Growing Disciples Series: Pray In Faith

Growing Disciples Series: Minister to Others

Growing Disciples Series: Witness to the World

Has anyone used it?