Did Jesus Interrupt Your Dreams?

Being the flesh and blood we are, being the interlopers of a cosmopolitan world in which we are and being the sojourners of a world that beckons before we wake and tugs at our soul as we seek peaceful rest at the strength of our Lord there are times when, for some and for all, the past, the present and the future call but not the past of God, nor the present of our Lord and not the future of heaven but that of this world. We lie awake or we stare asleep into a void of “what if” as if one might be posing the question, “Did Jesus Interrupt Your Dreams”?

While the very question might seem offensive it is all too real for many and so I ask, did Jesus interrupt your dreams? What dreams, what hopes what possibilities did our Lord interrupt because the truth is and the answer is….yes he did. Yes my dear brother and my dear sister, he did interrupt your possibilities, your dreams and your hopes and offensively so. He, your Lord, our Lord, did interrupt all of our dreams.

I know, you could have, you should have and maybe you would have but my brother and sister in the Lord, you didn’t see the end of this "could've, should've and would've" world because Jesus interrupted your dreams, on purpose. And I know, because of this interruption you are nothing now, your body is weaker than necessary, your posture a bit broken, your esteem among men a trifle flame next to even a candle on a birthday cake. It appears that to you and maybe to many you are but a fool, a fool who waits on God. I know friend and brother and sister, it hurts and it should, it is suppose to because our Lord promised us that if the world did not receive him it would not love us either. Yes I know, the esteem of men calls and yes many of our brothers and sisters have answered it without having to relinquish in any formal declaration their fidelity to our Lord while heaping upon themselves odd exoticisms, strange abundance, and immodest favors of the world that would seem to unfairly pique your soul if such a lot were yours. And this is not to engender some form of judgment on others, no at all, God forbid. Rather this is to remind you that the eternal veil has not been lifted, the judgment of the faithful and their rewards not revealed. Have confidence in God.

Dear family, I encourage you today, to understand that our Lord, Jesus, did indeed interrupt your dreams. He did so because, while your dreams were real, your possibilities in this world not imagined but quite probable, his purpose, his plan and his use of you as a communicator of truth, no matter the obscure context, the unappreciated venue and the seemingly insignificant audience is based in a sovereign omniscient plan so superior to human perception that if you could see behind the curtain of eternity future, you would understand just how relieved one can be that Jesus did indeed interrupt their dreams.

It’s okay my dear brother and sister, to talk now and then of what might have been but be sure and be encouraged that when you talk of such matters you diminish it with the reality of realities that exceeds all human experience that Jesus the Christ, God the Son, the one begotten from all eternity, chose you from eternity past in Christ to call you into an inheritance that fades not away and never diminishes with time. Yes, those famous souls of earth will die and their names and fame will be forgotten, the works of men will perish but on the other side, the work of God will be rewarded and this reward will not be temporary but eternal and friend that fame you now and then lust for that fades so quickly, will be NOTHING compared to this fame, a divine and eternal fame.

Yes brothers and sisters, fools wait on God, I know. Please, be a fool and wait.

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There are times when it becomes difficult to live with eternity in mind if you've been brought up to admire worldly definitions of success. One of the things that I am endeavoring to do with my kids is to teach them to make decisions that keep as a standard their God-given purpose in life. I think we do our kids a disservice when we have them focus completely on academics, sports, or socializing, with God's work and will providing a sort of decorative garnish.

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I also enjoyed your musings here Alex. You should do more like this.

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Bro Alex,
There are three significant individuals would be greatly heartened by this. Thanks for taking the time. Do you mind if I cut and paste it into an email, or are you selling it to Hallmark? Wink

"I pray to God this day to make me an extraordinary Christian." --Whitefield http://strengthfortoday.wordpress.com

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This is very true. We are all guilty of trying to plan how our lives will look. But the truth is, we have very little control over what will happen the day of tomorrow. We cannot know when we will find that job of our dreams, when we will marry, how many children we will have, where we will live 10 years from now, etc. We should always trust God for every good thing. He is our Shepard. We should stop worrying about things, and live each day to the fullest.