Is cross dressing/playing dress up for young kids innocent?

There was a question at another forum from a father concerned because his 5 yo boy was often dressing up in his mom's clothes, shoes, and nylons. The boy also prefers girl's dress up games. He feels like the boy should be encouraged to do more 'boy' stuff and stop pretending to be mommy.

Most of the responses were along the lines of "It's a harmless phase" or "Maybe he'll be a fashion designer" and "I used to paint my boy's fingernails- it was fun". A few mentioned that back in the day little boys used to sport ringlets and frills and even christening gowns and didn't turn into transvestites.

It was also brought up that when girl's dress up in dad's stuff, parents are seldom alarmed, and that we react with concern when a boy is a 'sissy' but not when a girl is a 'tomboy'.

Do you think cross dressing is innocent play that should be allowed? Do you think it has harmful potential and should be discouraged? What Scriptures would you use to help a parent trying to figure out where to draw the gender lines?

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