College tuition sugar daddies

Kids are finding a new way to finance college- sugar daddies .

While admitting it made her feel dirty, Taylor tried to rationalize the transaction: “I needed the money for school. I just did what needed to be done.”

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As long as kids are taught that a college education is practically mandatory, and elevated in position above learning to have character, standards, principles, etc., I think this will be a choice that is all too easy for many to make. The quoted student is just being honest, and in her way, true to what she believes -- school is more important to her than her virtue. Her choice bothers her conscience a little, but not enough to change what she would do.

Dave Barnhart

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I don't think it's JUST about college .. (though I do agree college for the sake of college .. rather than LEARNING is ridiculous.. but I think that's another discussion.)

This is just plain ole prostitution .. as the article pointed out it's been going on a LONG LONG time .. the sleaze artists have just figured out a new angle ..

Materialism is what's driving it .. whether the "material" be a diploma - or a new IPOD .. that and a lack of standards in our society..

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It's also a degrading of what women believe they are 'worth'. I don't care how long, loud, or often feminists claim that they are promoting the 'equality' of women, their worn-threadbare message is that a women's power is her sexuality, and this is translated by the media industry as women possessing one thing of value to trade or sell- their bodies.