Churchplanting Timelines and Amounts

I would like fellow churchplanters and or pastors to share timelines they have used in planting a church or assisting in a churchplant. Included in these timelines would be:
1) Date of opening service
2) Date for chartering service
3) Date that your church fully supports you as pastor or length of time Supporting church will support a churchplanter
4) Date you began raising funds for land/building/or Capital Improvements of leased rental

How many people helped in launch of the church? How long did those that were involved in the launch stay with the church?

How much land is needed for a church?

How much did you pay per acre? List location Town, and State

How much of a downpayment did you make on the land or Mortgage?

What was your weekly offerings when you decided to look at land purchase or building a worship center?

Thanks for your input.

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