Church hunting in NY

Just fishing for information. Need a church in the West Point NY area. Does anyone know of a chruch that runs pickup to the USMA? I have a cadet there that would like more then the "watery" chapels on Sunday. But he can't drive and not sure if he can leave base without a pass for services. Anyone with experience?

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Below is a copy of part of a email I received from a Pastor friend in NYC on information he received from another Pastor friend about a church near West Point.
In Christ, Pastor Jim Dewar, US Navy Retired (Saved through Local Church Military Ministry in 1977 while serving in the US Navy)

" Even though we are close to West Point we do not have transportation to and from services. There is a church in Highland Falls that does have transportation regularly for the cadets. The Pastors name is Steve Snavely at the Grace Baptist Church..."


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Here's the website for the church that JimD mentioned.

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Thanks Jay C. for getting that website and putting it here. Thank God for networking!!



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Thanks, so much to all. I will forward it all on to my cadet. Great to have the ability to get this info so fast.