The Christian and sin

I got into an interesting discussion with a friend of mine the other day and this question came up...can a Christian go through an entire day without sinning? I thought the answer was no because there are not only sins of commission, there are also sins of omission. I asked him that if we really thought through an average day and really examined ourselves, we could come up with some sort of sin of, if not commission then omission. He said it was possible for a Christian to make it through a day without sinning, but highly improbable. I mentioned in a different post about Paul in Romans chapter 7 and the daily struggles he went through. As long as we're in this body of sin, we do sin in some way everyday.

I don't know...what do you think?

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That would be an interesting discussion. I'm glad I can make it through 6 hours each day without sinning. Of course, I'm sleeping during that time, and even at that, I'm not completely sure that sleep can keep me from sinning. I remember a dream during which I realized I was dreaming, and I did something in the dream that I shouldn't have done, but it was just a dream, so it wasn't real. If it didn't really happen, does it count as a sin? I did feel a bit guilty about it later.

If it is true that we sin regularly throughout the day, then how often should we confess sin? Do we have to try thinking of every single sin we've committed in order to properly confess it, or can we just say something like, "Lord, forgive me for any sins I've committed in the last 12 hours."

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I'm going to talk to my pastor about it, and anyone else who has any thoughts about it. Many scriptures tell us about this but people still have opinions. I thought it would be an interesting topic because we are still in this old body of sin even though as Christians we are a new creation. But if Paul had this daily struggle, who are we to say we don't? The only one who was without sin was Jesus. I don't want it to be a dividing argument, especially with my friend, I just thought it would shed some light on something we all struggle with. thanks Kevin.

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