The case against homeschooling

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Mr York, it's going to take more than just posting links to convince proponents! Including one of the Sharper Iron administrators who effectively home schools!

Perhaps an interesting anecdote: There's a young man in our church who was home schooled. He is now working on his Ph D a the University of Minnesota!

The parenting choices re a child's education are very personal. Each need to be convinced in his own mind!

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with posting a bunch of links is that no one knows the point of this thread. Those articles contain opinions both for and against homeschooling, and there are 13 in all at that website. If we knew where the OP wanted to go with this thread, it would help.

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They are merely opposing viewpoints. It is worth one's time to read what the other side has to say on homeschooling

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The posts from that site give both positive and negative opinions of homeschooling- which opinions do you think are valid? Did you read the ones you posted?

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tyork, I'd suggest maybe identifying one or two that seem most persuasive to you, post a couple of excerpts and give us an idea what your own thinking is. Then a conversation on the subject is more likely.
Since my family homeschools (but we are actually looking to transition to another local option next fall if we can), we'd have some first hand observations.