I'm looking for a cartoon I saw years ago that I would like to use in a sermon's the jist...and I'm doing it from memory do I will probably botch this up.

Two guys meet on the street and they begin to talk about their churches. The first guy says, "I'm a Baptist." the second guy says "Me too. I'm a Calvanist"..."Me too! Superlapsarian or Sublarpasarian?" "Sub"..."Me too!" and so on...until they finally get to a minor point of disagreement and one yells at the other "Heretic!"

Anyone know where I can find it?

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Of course I am doing it from memory too. I don't believe I have seen it in cartoon form, just heard it as a joke.

Don't be a great pastor, just be a pastor and let history judge for itself.

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Here are two version:
A man was on a bridge preparing to commit suicide by jumping. Another gentleman came along and noticed what the other was doing and cried out “Stop what you’re doing! Don’t you believe in God! The bible says that you mustn’t kill yourself”
Suicidal man: “Why, yes, I do believe in God, I’m a Baptist”
Passerby: I’m a Baptist, too! Are you a Southern or Northern Baptist?
SM: Northern Baptist
P: I’m a Northern Baptist, too. What a coincidence! Are you of orthodox persuasion or reformed?
SM: Reformed, of course
P: Me, too! Are you Northeastern Reformed or Northwestern Reformed?
SM: Well, Northeastern, my friend, you know those Northwesterners have got it all wrong.

With that the passerby screamed “Die, heretic!” and pushed the first man off the bridge!

and number 2:
A man from Tennessee says: I was walking down the road this morning when I saw a man just about to jump off the bridge.
"Stop!" I cried, "Don't do it! You've got too much to live for."
"Like what?" said my despondent friend.
"Well," I asked, "are you religious, or an atheist?"
"Oh, I'm religious all right" he replied.
"Well, are you a Christian, or a Buddhist, or what?" I asked.
"Oh, I'm a Christian."
"Well, so am I" I said. "Are you Catholic or Protestant?"
"I'm a Protestant" he answered.
"Me too!" I exclaimed. "Baptist or Episcopalian?"
"I'm a Baptist too." I said. "Are you Church of God Baptist, or Church of the Lord Baptist?"
"Church of God Baptist" he said.
"Wow!" said I, "What a coincidence! So am I! Say, you wouldn't happen to be a Reform Church of God Baptist, would you?"
"Sure am" he replied.
"Me too!" I exclaimed. "Reform of 1879, or Reform of 1915?"
"1915" he said, to which I replied, "Jump, you heretic scum!".

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If you've seen the movie you know that Nick Nolte plays a basketball coach named Pete Bell. He comes to Indiana to recruit a player and meets with the boy's Dad. The dad asks Pete if he is baptist. Pete is lying, but he says, "yes" because he wants the boy to play at his school. The dad asks, "Are you Northern Baptist or Southern Baptist?" Pete, thinks a second and says, "Northern Baptist of course". The Dad says, "Thank the good Lord Pete. We don't care much for Southern Baptists around here."

Don't be a great pastor, just be a pastor and let history judge for itself.