The Carnival of Anti-Homeschooling

Boarding in Bedlam posted a Carnival of Anti-Homeschooling that some here might find interesting. If you don’t know what a blog carnival is, it is a weekly compilation of submitted blog posts on a particular topic. There is a Carnival of Homeschooling sponsored by Why Homeschool each week.

Anyway, Arby’s conclusion to this exercise was

It is ironic that the people who claim that homeschooling is bad because it promotes narrow thinking demonstrate very narrow thinking in their writing. Maybe, just maybe, if any of these writers took the time to visit a well run homeschool, they’d have an opinion based in something other than their own myopic view of education. 

If you aren’t interested in what the anti-homeschooling blogosphere has to say, you can enjoy the regular Carnival of Homeschooling that is at Homeschool Bytes this week. The Carnival is a great place to find new blogs by fellow homeschoolers, and glean ideas and information about curriculum, methods, projects, scheduling, etc…

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