Bouncing Back When Your Chances Are Zero!

Hello Pastors!

 Forty-four years ago, the doctors told my parents I wouldn't live another week, and my chances of survival were ZERO! I was diagnosed with a terminal cancer, and they were almost right - it almost killed me, but God had other plans. After a long and hard struggle, the disease that was supposed to take my life had succeeded only in ruining my life (Humanly speaking that is). My vocal chords were partially paralyzed, my growth was stunted, and there were many other problems I'd face for the rest of my life. I often have people ask me why I'm not mad at God for destroying my life with cancer. I always tell them, He wasn't "destroying" my life - He was "creating" my life. You see, God had a plan, and as always - His plan was perfect!

 God has graciously used my life to impact and change lives all over the world. As people have read my story and heard me speak, many of them are suddenly awakened to the truth of the fact that God has a plan for everyone and He knows exactly what He is doing, and that no matter how difficult or impossible the road ahead may seem, as long as we trust Him, obey Him, and follow Him - He can and will do amazing things in and through us.

 People who have heard or read my story often say things like, "Your story touched my heart and changed my life!" and "Your story was the best testimony I've ever heard!" But, actually, it's not really MY story. It's God's story, because without Him I wouldn't be here and I wouldn't have a story to share.

 I live in the Atlanta area, and would love the opportunity to come share my story and message with your church family. I know it would be a source of encouragement to them, and might even change some lives. I've seen God do some wonderful things, and I know He wants to do more - all He asks is that we give Him the opportunity.

 Please visit my website at to read more about me and my testimony. And I look forward to hearing from you as to when I might be honored to visit with you and your church family. I do not charge any speaking fees. God has proven to me over and over again, He can and will supply all of our needs! 

Have a Fantastic day following Jesus!


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